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Denizde Yelken


Where Passion and Dedication Meet


Dassana Bambi

My intention is to passionately create experiential fields to inspire people and to unleash their potential. Dassana (Osho Sannyasin name ) search for insight is combined with the innocent and playful heart of Bambi.


I love my colorful life, have done and still do many interesting things in life. Life is too short to waste time and be stuck in one field only. I come from business background and dropped all for my passion to serve life, myself and others with the warmth of my heart. 


My wisdom gets deeper with rich life experiences, a passionate life energy, being adventerous, curious and travelling in life.  I have visited more than 90 countries, lived in 5 countries.


My journey started with Osho more than 20 years ago. In time it continued with various spiritual, meditation, energy, and tantra schools, many festivals, body, soul, mind events in various countries, finding gem teachers to assist, translate, organize. 


I love what I do, satisfaction is my driving force and this is reflected in my work, in many colorful projects I create, in souls and bodies I touch to serve life. I have a very unique and creative mind in offering my private sessions, events.  

Barış Ersemiz

Project Manager & captain

Barış, (Barishesku) has been organizing and executing marine events for over 10 years as a captain, aquatic science engineer and instructor. He gained more than 3000 people in events 25.000 nm mostly cruising around Turkey, Mediterranean and Atlantic coast of Europe. Has been working on to protect the marine environment, corporation with marine research teams. Has strong focus on providing safe, sustainable and awakened marine environment for his people he work with at all time. 


Barış also established maritime and sailing related institutions, prepared ecological and social programs, gave courses and instructions to individuals. He has conducted team building and promotion events for companies with sailing crafts. He made handicap measurements of race boats and take part in the technical committees of the competitions. Now continue to work with founded company to develop professional and sustainable environmental projects, exploration and experience trips, conservation and cultural projects ideally across the Mediterranean and Oceans.


Organizer & idea generator

Yelken Tekne


A route open to discovery and experiences.

Go beyond your mind by finding yourself and purifying your metamorphosis with sea.

Sail your self with dignity, find your self in harmony.

To know the value of life, be sailist with passion of life.

What do boats mean spiritually?

The boat can symbolise a spiritual journey on the sea of life; one cannot get anywhere by remaining on an island. A boat without a skipper might also suggest that God guides the soul's journey. The boat is an important symbol in Greek Mythology, for example, Homer's Odyssey is a spiritual journey by boat.

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